Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance

As a certified life coach since 2018 and a student of non duality spiritual teachings since 2006, I work with clients who are interested in awakening through life’s challenges and learning to live with more ease.

Awakening is knowing who we truly are. As Teilhard de Chardin famously said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” How to navigate the human experience can be confusing and painful because we loose the perspective of ourselves as spiritual beings on a path of awakening. Those of us who consciously walk this path must awaken through our human experiences, not despite them. 

I will assist you in tapping into your own innate wisdom, communicated through bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts and images. Through guided exploration, you will come to see the bigger picture of challenging circumstances, while healing and affirming what is most important to you along your journey. Rather than being frustrated and confused by the same challenges appearing over and over again, you will learn tools to face them as opportunities for growth and connection to your deepest self, others and the Divine.

“Life is love seeking to know itself.” - Unknown

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Integral Coaching Canada 2018

Rapid Rewire Method 2021


"Working with Lori has been nothing short of life-changing. The deep presence, wisdom, and knowledge Lori brings to the table allows for the perfect container of deep transformational work. Lori is one of the few people I know who truly walks her talk - a true embodiment of her teachings. I feel more confident, compassionate, and whole since starting work with Lori. I would highly recommend her to anyone." 

-E. Mellon

“Lori's coaching has changed the future! My work with Lori, which focused on parenting, has rippled out to my family and my children in a profoundly impactful way. These little humans who are my children, are going out into the world with a sense of trust in their innate intelligence, and an honoring of the wisdom of their unique paths, as am I! I am able to tend to the wholeness of my children, and myself, with a perspective that encourages greater vision, more ease, and promotes profound healing.

The structure of the program kept us focused on, and moving fluidly toward, my goals at a supportive pace. Lori coaches with deep intuition and skill. Every session felt robustly resourcing with whatever Lori brought in for us to work with. She has a deep well of experience and knowledge from an array of modalities and trainings that she draws upon, while also attuned to the spiritual. In this way, whatever matter arose in each session, she brought practices that aligned and supported me so powerfully.”

-Yasmin Suarez Shaddox

“Lori has been masterful at guiding me into the insights I need to move past my barriers to being the person I strive to be. Her work focusing on the experience and feelings I have around my challenges has brought me deeper awareness and clarity in short period of time. I also love the way Lori strives to help me integrate the insights into my daily life and relationships. If you want to go deep quickly, and are comfortable tapping into emotionally charged and uncomfortable places, I can’t recommend Lori highly enough”.

-J. Herman

“Lori is a very insightful guide and coach. I felt deeply listened to by her and loved her perceptive, heart-centered responses to my questions. I felt challenged, in a good way - but not overwhelmed. I learned to trust MySelf instead of looking outside of myself for solutions. I feel this level of self-reflection is a muscle we forget to use in our externally focused culture - and this experience with Lori re-connected me to a more peaceful and authentic way of being in the world.”

-R. Codina

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