Like pencil to paper I draw myself. 

Swirling out from the starting point, 

the heart is the first to appear.

Up the cylinder of my throat, 

encircling my head, 

arcing on either side, 

I form the parenthesis of my ears.

Pinpointing the irises of my eyes, 

floating down my nose, 

crafting the supple lines of my lips 

then skating over the crest of my chin. 

Rounding out my shoulders, 

long extensions form my arms and fingers. 

 On either side of my chest 

two soft curves of flesh appear, 

cradling my heart. 

Rolling over the hills of my stomach, 

buttocks and thighs, 

rounding the corners of my knees and ankles, 

I draw my feet firmly on the ground. 

I stand up. And I walk. 

Starting from the heart.

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