I seem to swim in the world of the unknown, facing constant challenges and uncertainties, not knowing where to find solid ground. Swimming so deep I’m exhausted and nearly drowning, a life line drops from above. It's the words of a master long past, found on the pages of a book I happen to have left open, or heard in a podcast that cues up just "by chance." 

The words are clear and directed precisely to me- the explanation for feeling lost in these waters I swim in. The wisdom enters me like fresh air filling my lungs. I suck it in, hungry for each word, then heave a long and grateful sigh. I am liberated, saved from my suffering. 

Sitting at the water's edge, hair dripping, chest heaving, I experience a "holy shit" moment. I'd been searching in earnest for someone to pull me out of these depths... and here they are, right beside me, not in the flesh but in spirit, in the legacy of their words, speaking directly to me. In this moment, I remember who I truly am and my connection to all that exists beyond form. I am Spirit experiencing a human life. I feel renewed, refreshed. Until I forget again.

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